Friday, July 3, 2009

On GEM cancellation

Some of you are looking forward to it, some of you are just indifferent.
But I'm sure my recent SMS was just, "whoa!" shocking.

Perhaps, on behalf of H1N1 virus, I should apologise to you for postponing our pool tomorrow.
And this very sudden news, I'm so sorry. (Coz I have asked you not to make any other plans for this Saturday)

Maybe we can have this as a class outing instead of an officially-recognised-by-school General elective module. For we don't really break the spirit of the GEM, coz yeah, we are learning something by having fun anywaay. But yeah, we won't get reimbursed, though. The choice is up for you to have.

Do you want to play pool as a class outing?

Love you all lots, and please don't kill me for not saying this earlier. The bomb was just dropped on me 2 minutes before I broke it off to you >.<


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