Sunday, July 5, 2009

Class birthday

You know, s77 are gonna have their class birthday tomorrow (7 July, 09.7.7) and its people are gonna celebrate it.

Well, how unfair it is that our class has no class birthday that we cannot go for a class outing in the name of Our Enthusisatic Class' Birthday Bash. Think, how sad it would be, to have no one celebrates your birthday (okay, hint hint, people. We've 'skipped' soo many birthdays).

Flu pandemic or not, the birthday kids WILL get their chance to BLOW A CANDLE (eh halo, it's so troublesome to keep lighting up 17 candles for each one of you) when we hold a birthday party for you.

So, let's open a discussion on a date of our class birthday.
(Eh, another hint: to celebrate the class birthday means to have a PROPER birthday bash attended by---if possible---everyone of 09S6E.)


PS: Do you want something to replace your GEM? Like a class outing?

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