Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Gentle" reminder

Regarding GEM

WHAT: Pool (cue sports)
WHEN: This Saturday, 1-5 PM so pleasee don't go make any plans on Saturday at that period.

WHERE: Bukit Timah Plaza.
Okay, if you are taking bus nos: 66,67,157,170,171,174,852,961 to school you don't have to change, just go all the way straight until ONE bus stop after KAP then you cross the overhead bridge to reach BTP.

Alternatively, if you take those buses above, or 74, 151, 154, alight at the KAP bus stop and cross the road diagonally (heheh, as in, towards NgeeAnn Poly then to BTP)

But the walk is longer if you alight from KAP, yeahh.

Dress code: Okay, someone actually asked this in the morning ;P

haha. You can wear home clothes, or PE attire, anything it's up to you. As long as you feel like wearing it and it's comfortable because pool is, afterall, a sports activity. (I think I'll be in slippers)

Oh and one more thing. I don't really care if you are above 37.6o C, as long as you're still below 38o because anyway, even if you're below 37.6, you may have been infected with H1N1. Aw well, not to invoke fear/paranoid but hehe, that's the fact. I pray not, though, so that you can come and play.

Enquiries just write at the tag board or email me. Hmm.

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