Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We love GP (:

Hi 6E,

Our GP essays and comprehension questions, the ones that we did for our CA, can be collected from the class pigeonhole near the college reception from today, or tomorrow morning rather. It's so we can study for our GP block test with it, so please collect it as soon as possible. I'm guessing that our class pigeonhole is kind of stuffed to the brim, so if you don't know which exactly is our pigeonhole, it'll probably be kind of easy to recognise it now (:

And another thing, for the time tunnel presentations, the one with the civilisations and religions, I hope you still remember, and haven't deleted it yet :P Cos I need to collate everything and send to everyone. For our general knowledge. So please send me your powerpoint slides, thanks.

Well, I suppose that's about it. Oh and also please remember to complete the Issues and Ideas booklet, which is our holiday homework for GP, in case anyone might have forgotten, in the excitement of getting all our other holiday homework and studying for block tests :P It's compulsory to complete it so don't forget.

Wan Ngee

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