Sunday, June 7, 2009

(bitter)Sweet holiday

Writing from jakarta, here is your class foreign correspondence HAHA.

Uhh. nothing I can really say but well, just to remind you that I'll be back on the twelfth night :P of June. Hence, I expect you all to crowd the airport to welcome me back in Singapore (that is, if you're still in town teehee)

oh nvm. this delegate of indonesia is just err, not really bored, but reminding you to study hard for blocks and to indicate your availability (I think I've overused this phrase) about GEM. Refer to the post before this okay?

Uhh I sincerely hope that everyone has replied by Friday, coz I want to call the billiard guy on saturday, okay? hehe, and um... I think...

yeah. that's all for now.

See you all when the school reopens. luvya!


PS: while it's school (supposed) vacation, GO SPAM THIS BLOG. I will love you for it.

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