Thursday, July 30, 2009

after such a long time...

Helloooo Everyonee!

Ohoho. Today is indeed a worthy cause of celebration (because the ELL people don't have lesson) and hahaha. Tomorrow is Math class assignment!!

Okay, it's not a thing that I can usually say in such a high note, but um... considering that our class has been one of the tops for Math (well, I bet hahaha), shouldn't we make Mr. Tan even happier and gleaming with quiet pride? Hahaha

Okay okay.

Never mind. Maybe I'm just.... losing my mind lately.

Well, please be reminded of THEEZ things:

1. Class fund $10 (okay, I've just wandered to other classes' blogs and discovered that they all paid $20 for their class fund. Like, yeahh.)
For those of you HAVE YET TO PAY JTS MONEY, please. Don't test my patience any longer.
If you're insisting that your money hasn't been sent from overseas, oh well. I'm patient enough to wait, in that case. But be careful people, sometimes your lies can backfire, you know.

2. EOM. EOM. EOM. For those of you whose EOM has been approved, CONGRATS. Coz mine hasn't.

3. The T-Shirt order form. Where is it huh? I didn't receive it back after passing it around this morning.

4. GP AQ. Noo you don't want to experience Wan Ngee's wrath, which can trigger Daren's wrath as well, and I don't feel like listening to a bimbo's lamentation for the whole day.

5. GEM next week.

The date is confirmed on 7 August, which is after the NDP celebration. On which day we'll be given an early dismissal [: yeahh. Can the welfare reps (liseah and xiaoxi) help me to plan a mini class lunch at like, I dunno... hahaha. Any eating place that is in the vicinity of the school/ BTP.

6. Take care of your health

Please people. Even I'm getting sick (figuratively and literally) nowadays. If you've not noticed my unusual whinings and whimperings about the weather and the aircons and the heat until the long queues at the canteen, then you're either deaf or just not caring about me. Haha. But isn't that the characteristic of a peacock? But anyway, according to Dee, I'm a Pea. hahaha.

Drink plenty of fluid, and get enough rest! Don't tire out yourself unecessarily because (as the wind says) Promo is coming near! (goodness, I can't believe I've really typed it out!)

And lastly, I hope that everything turns out to be awesome or at least oh-kaye for each one of us, that whatever results that we've obtained for blocks will not tarnish our spirit blablabla to mug even harder and ace our promos, okay?

In the meantime, a scandalous internal gossip will be leaked to the whole world thanks to active journalism by the IT-savvy IT-rep Chia Xinyun, who is currently finalising the materials to be published here. Heeheeheehee. Heeheeheehee.

Okay. nevermind.


Thursday, July 16, 2009



Yeah. just nothingness because I don't really know what to say haha.
Umm, Good luck for the blocks' results, perhaps?

As in, we haven't got back our GP paper right? And umm, there's still faint hope for ELL and CLL and Human Geog and CSC, am I correct? I mean, those paper haven't been returned yet. haha. so yeah. Keep on dreaming peoplee!! (whoops. wrong diction.) Keep aiming high!!

Well, talking about GEMs, okay, I heard today that other classes are actually still carrying out their GEMs whereas I had, on behalf of H1N1, apologised to y'all for calling off--or, delay indefinitely--our class GEM. I will try to ask the admin office again, and sort out the dates blablabla again. And I hope this time we'll pass and yay! Have our GEM! Haha.

But okay.. that's not really what I wanna talk about.

Here are the important matters as per today (16 July 2009)
3. The remaining papels yet to be returned
4. Starbucks' in business
5. Start mugging for Promo (ooohhh I become like, err you know who errr)
6. Chemistry fund
7. MATH TYS---> LH, have you placed the orders to the bookshop?
8. CHEM TYS---> read SMB ppl! And place your order to WX.
9. AMC registration--> aiyah go send an email to yourselves. Or to me. Coz I feel like taking part, too.
10. Class Birthday! haha. I suggest it's somewhere in September. Like, I suggest 11 September.
Reasons: September is 9th month, that starts with S, and 11 because 6+5, E is the fifth alphabet. I know that it seems quite... err forced. But well, do you have any other suggestions? haha. will love to hear it [:

11. Class tee. Okay Arts people! You know very well that your CT rep only has the mojo for crapping and only a little talent for writing about essential stuffs hahaha. *It implies that I AM NOT TALENTED IN ARTS. Thank You* So, I'm calling everyone who would like to design a class Tee for our class (umm duh yeah) to like, I dunno, maybe one day during CT/PT, you present your ideas to the class? What about this Monday? Just a rough sketch will do fine [:

12. NOTHINGNESS. again.
13. Target setting for Promos! >.<

Subject reps/anyone if you have any announcement to post, just post okay!
Or random matters to tell the whole class, anything! Haha. Whatever.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hey everyone,

As we all know, we recently had e-learning, and it exists for every subject. So, GP has e-learning too. Please remember to do the e-learning tasks for GP which can be found on the SMB home learning site.

Also, please do not forget that we'll be having our first GP lesson of the term next Monday, so guess what I'm going to say? Yeah, our Issues and Ideas booklet. We have to complete them or risk getting a demerit point. And I think we'll still be made to do the booklet even after the demerit point so, to avoid it, it's just as well to just do the booklet first. Makes sense right? So it's time to start on our GP homework. :)

Signing off,

Wan Ngee

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Class birthday

You know, s77 are gonna have their class birthday tomorrow (7 July, 09.7.7) and its people are gonna celebrate it.

Well, how unfair it is that our class has no class birthday that we cannot go for a class outing in the name of Our Enthusisatic Class' Birthday Bash. Think, how sad it would be, to have no one celebrates your birthday (okay, hint hint, people. We've 'skipped' soo many birthdays).

Flu pandemic or not, the birthday kids WILL get their chance to BLOW A CANDLE (eh halo, it's so troublesome to keep lighting up 17 candles for each one of you) when we hold a birthday party for you.

So, let's open a discussion on a date of our class birthday.
(Eh, another hint: to celebrate the class birthday means to have a PROPER birthday bash attended by---if possible---everyone of 09S6E.)


PS: Do you want something to replace your GEM? Like a class outing?

Friday, July 3, 2009

On GEM cancellation

Some of you are looking forward to it, some of you are just indifferent.
But I'm sure my recent SMS was just, "whoa!" shocking.

Perhaps, on behalf of H1N1 virus, I should apologise to you for postponing our pool tomorrow.
And this very sudden news, I'm so sorry. (Coz I have asked you not to make any other plans for this Saturday)

Maybe we can have this as a class outing instead of an officially-recognised-by-school General elective module. For we don't really break the spirit of the GEM, coz yeah, we are learning something by having fun anywaay. But yeah, we won't get reimbursed, though. The choice is up for you to have.

Do you want to play pool as a class outing?

Love you all lots, and please don't kill me for not saying this earlier. The bomb was just dropped on me 2 minutes before I broke it off to you >.<


Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Gentle" reminder

Regarding GEM

WHAT: Pool (cue sports)
WHEN: This Saturday, 1-5 PM so pleasee don't go make any plans on Saturday at that period.

WHERE: Bukit Timah Plaza.
Okay, if you are taking bus nos: 66,67,157,170,171,174,852,961 to school you don't have to change, just go all the way straight until ONE bus stop after KAP then you cross the overhead bridge to reach BTP.

Alternatively, if you take those buses above, or 74, 151, 154, alight at the KAP bus stop and cross the road diagonally (heheh, as in, towards NgeeAnn Poly then to BTP)

But the walk is longer if you alight from KAP, yeahh.

Dress code: Okay, someone actually asked this in the morning ;P

haha. You can wear home clothes, or PE attire, anything it's up to you. As long as you feel like wearing it and it's comfortable because pool is, afterall, a sports activity. (I think I'll be in slippers)

Oh and one more thing. I don't really care if you are above 37.6o C, as long as you're still below 38o because anyway, even if you're below 37.6, you may have been infected with H1N1. Aw well, not to invoke fear/paranoid but hehe, that's the fact. I pray not, though, so that you can come and play.

Enquiries just write at the tag board or email me. Hmm.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oo hello again
I want a class tee.
any design suggestion whatsoever.
post here.

nothingness and morning azzembly

Hey everyone!

Okay, first of all.

Geog people! Congrats! You've just shot a paper down this morning!!
Hahas, hope it went well for you all.

Oh anyway, for Monday, and the rest of the week, please be reminded that we don't have morning assembly, hence you can come to school a bit later if you don't have exam in the morning.

So, yeah. On Monday, only Luo Hui needs to come early because she's got CSC.

See you.
and all the best.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

hello hello

Hey all!

Soon we'll return to school... okay I shouldn't mention it.

I'm as dead eager as you all, hehe, perhaps.
Just wishing you all the best for the upcoming blocks.

and will someone take my gp essay for me? hahahahaha
point of privilege of ct rep. hehe

Oh and, our GEM is confirmed on 4th of July. Pool, at BTP, okay?
In case that there are people last-minutely cannot make it, quickly inform me okayy?

Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Oh and one more thing, you know we had a class contact list, right? well, can you help me verify it? as in, check whether all those stuffs written there about you is correct? and um, who made that list, huh? can you please send me the soft copy? pleaseeeeeeee




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We love GP (:

Hi 6E,

Our GP essays and comprehension questions, the ones that we did for our CA, can be collected from the class pigeonhole near the college reception from today, or tomorrow morning rather. It's so we can study for our GP block test with it, so please collect it as soon as possible. I'm guessing that our class pigeonhole is kind of stuffed to the brim, so if you don't know which exactly is our pigeonhole, it'll probably be kind of easy to recognise it now (:

And another thing, for the time tunnel presentations, the one with the civilisations and religions, I hope you still remember, and haven't deleted it yet :P Cos I need to collate everything and send to everyone. For our general knowledge. So please send me your powerpoint slides, thanks.

Well, I suppose that's about it. Oh and also please remember to complete the Issues and Ideas booklet, which is our holiday homework for GP, in case anyone might have forgotten, in the excitement of getting all our other holiday homework and studying for block tests :P It's compulsory to complete it so don't forget.

Wan Ngee