Thursday, July 16, 2009



Yeah. just nothingness because I don't really know what to say haha.
Umm, Good luck for the blocks' results, perhaps?

As in, we haven't got back our GP paper right? And umm, there's still faint hope for ELL and CLL and Human Geog and CSC, am I correct? I mean, those paper haven't been returned yet. haha. so yeah. Keep on dreaming peoplee!! (whoops. wrong diction.) Keep aiming high!!

Well, talking about GEMs, okay, I heard today that other classes are actually still carrying out their GEMs whereas I had, on behalf of H1N1, apologised to y'all for calling off--or, delay indefinitely--our class GEM. I will try to ask the admin office again, and sort out the dates blablabla again. And I hope this time we'll pass and yay! Have our GEM! Haha.

But okay.. that's not really what I wanna talk about.

Here are the important matters as per today (16 July 2009)
3. The remaining papels yet to be returned
4. Starbucks' in business
5. Start mugging for Promo (ooohhh I become like, err you know who errr)
6. Chemistry fund
7. MATH TYS---> LH, have you placed the orders to the bookshop?
8. CHEM TYS---> read SMB ppl! And place your order to WX.
9. AMC registration--> aiyah go send an email to yourselves. Or to me. Coz I feel like taking part, too.
10. Class Birthday! haha. I suggest it's somewhere in September. Like, I suggest 11 September.
Reasons: September is 9th month, that starts with S, and 11 because 6+5, E is the fifth alphabet. I know that it seems quite... err forced. But well, do you have any other suggestions? haha. will love to hear it [:

11. Class tee. Okay Arts people! You know very well that your CT rep only has the mojo for crapping and only a little talent for writing about essential stuffs hahaha. *It implies that I AM NOT TALENTED IN ARTS. Thank You* So, I'm calling everyone who would like to design a class Tee for our class (umm duh yeah) to like, I dunno, maybe one day during CT/PT, you present your ideas to the class? What about this Monday? Just a rough sketch will do fine [:

12. NOTHINGNESS. again.
13. Target setting for Promos! >.<

Subject reps/anyone if you have any announcement to post, just post okay!
Or random matters to tell the whole class, anything! Haha. Whatever.


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