Thursday, July 30, 2009

after such a long time...

Helloooo Everyonee!

Ohoho. Today is indeed a worthy cause of celebration (because the ELL people don't have lesson) and hahaha. Tomorrow is Math class assignment!!

Okay, it's not a thing that I can usually say in such a high note, but um... considering that our class has been one of the tops for Math (well, I bet hahaha), shouldn't we make Mr. Tan even happier and gleaming with quiet pride? Hahaha

Okay okay.

Never mind. Maybe I'm just.... losing my mind lately.

Well, please be reminded of THEEZ things:

1. Class fund $10 (okay, I've just wandered to other classes' blogs and discovered that they all paid $20 for their class fund. Like, yeahh.)
For those of you HAVE YET TO PAY JTS MONEY, please. Don't test my patience any longer.
If you're insisting that your money hasn't been sent from overseas, oh well. I'm patient enough to wait, in that case. But be careful people, sometimes your lies can backfire, you know.

2. EOM. EOM. EOM. For those of you whose EOM has been approved, CONGRATS. Coz mine hasn't.

3. The T-Shirt order form. Where is it huh? I didn't receive it back after passing it around this morning.

4. GP AQ. Noo you don't want to experience Wan Ngee's wrath, which can trigger Daren's wrath as well, and I don't feel like listening to a bimbo's lamentation for the whole day.

5. GEM next week.

The date is confirmed on 7 August, which is after the NDP celebration. On which day we'll be given an early dismissal [: yeahh. Can the welfare reps (liseah and xiaoxi) help me to plan a mini class lunch at like, I dunno... hahaha. Any eating place that is in the vicinity of the school/ BTP.

6. Take care of your health

Please people. Even I'm getting sick (figuratively and literally) nowadays. If you've not noticed my unusual whinings and whimperings about the weather and the aircons and the heat until the long queues at the canteen, then you're either deaf or just not caring about me. Haha. But isn't that the characteristic of a peacock? But anyway, according to Dee, I'm a Pea. hahaha.

Drink plenty of fluid, and get enough rest! Don't tire out yourself unecessarily because (as the wind says) Promo is coming near! (goodness, I can't believe I've really typed it out!)

And lastly, I hope that everything turns out to be awesome or at least oh-kaye for each one of us, that whatever results that we've obtained for blocks will not tarnish our spirit blablabla to mug even harder and ace our promos, okay?

In the meantime, a scandalous internal gossip will be leaked to the whole world thanks to active journalism by the IT-savvy IT-rep Chia Xinyun, who is currently finalising the materials to be published here. Heeheeheehee. Heeheeheehee.

Okay. nevermind.


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