Saturday, May 23, 2009

a week before holiday.

As promised, I will update our class blog regularly... hahas. and sometimes i can also post something important in the middle of the week, yeah, if there's any (:


Please be reminded that Monday's chem tutorial is replaced by PHYSICS. So, Lilin and Zhou Yang, come to A310 at 12pm for Physics. I won't send out any more reminders, okay.

And don't forget to attempt the CHEM online test by Sunday 1159pm.

Physics online test also. Aiyah, I'm wondering whether we'll still have to do those online tests in the holidays ): hope not.

Then what else... hmm... oh for GPP, well, I just checked my SMB and there's this GPP form to be downloaded, one per group. It's to be filled in and submitted on Monday also.

ELLfs, Miss Yangs assignment's due this monday, coz she wants to return it on tuesday.

I know that CLL ppl have a test on Wednesday, hahas. So study hard,
and so do the Geoggers, I heard your test was postponed last week? >.<

For Wenjing and I, Spanish class on Monday will begin at 330, because we're running out of time. haha. We've got homework, right? And also we'll have a class this Wednesday, I forget the timing though.

This week is our last week before the holiday yaay!
(Um, actually I'm not very sure whether we should cheer or shed a tear, as the June holiday, I believe it's terrible for most of us, having committed ourselves to thousands of things alr that we are constantly occupied and yeah, cannot get enough rest. hahas.)

Well, yeah. Try to do your GPP/WR/rprimary research for PW, as well as Physics misconception thingy. Sigh... and of course, study for the block test ):
I guess I just failed terribly in my attempt to be a mugger. ):):):):):):

Math Holiday Homework Package (euh, sounds like a nightmare) can be collected from the Photocopy shop this Friday. Math rep! Don't forget okay? (:

Oh and we'll have JTS on Saturday, right? Liseah, where are we going? (:
I hope that we all will come in full force, although I know that some of us are not so so close to our seniors, but then, think of this as THE CHANCE to get to know them better, okay? Furthermore, it's also an avenue for us to bond as a class (and for you to see me :D HAA!)
So, I hope that we all are looking forward to it :D:D

Well, since JTS is coming... I know that you all are like, saving up for somethings, but then... I suppose our class fund needs top-up? :D

So I guess that's all for this week's update.
Please drop a comment/randomness on the tagboard, let me know that you've read this.


PS: Mrs Tan said that we'll have class comm election next term, or whenever we've got a permanent Civics Tutor. So, for the time being, we're running the ad-interim committe, okay?
Oh except for Wang Xiao, I suggest that she'll be forever our Chem rep. She deals very nicely with Mdm Lao, and her Chem is undisputably the best.

PPS: But oh, umm... I'm honestly concerned that IFFFF during lectures then the lecturer asks "where's the Chem rep of 6E? can you answer this question?" then I'm sian lar. coz then the lecturer will move on to the ct rep mah. unless by any luck(cross my fingerss!) he/she will go bug the councillor or math rep or sec-tres or sth like that HAHAHAHA.

PPPS: which remind me that THIS WEEK IS MADAM LAU's LAST WEEK WITH US. what surprise do you want to give her?

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