Monday, May 25, 2009


Okay. Here we go.

Majority of us don't want to do ice-cream making course that costs like, so hiighh that our $10 is like, meaningless, right?

So (crack my knuckles). I've called Tanglin CC, asking them about the availability of ice-cream making course (your preference), and the nice receptionist at the other end of the phone pointed that there are TWO options available for us:



Date: 1st June 2009
since OCIP Cambodia and Faccomm camp is cancelled, I believe that now we all are free to go on that day?

The cost: yeah FIFTEEN BUCKS $15

Good deal, huh? THIRTYSIX is burning our pockets. many objections have come, yeahh.
Thank you for those who have replied to me. (:

Okay, so. I think, it would be unfair that I cross out COOKING or BAKING just because Zijing thought it's sissy. Well, I've inquired the nice lady too, where can we find COOKING/BAKING course, coz the majority of us agreed on that previously. Well, the nice lady tells me...

There's this reputable, famous cooking course in Cairnhill CC (which is just like, 3km down the road or sth like that haha! It's near Newton FC) I haven't checked the dates whatsoever, but the price should be around 15 to 20. yeahh.

However, the drawback of the course is that we can't cook ourselves, we will only watch a DEMO, but yeah, we got to bring home some of the cooked food. Well, hmm... from my point of view, right, this is a tad too boring, even though we've got to bring home some delicacies but err... I'm not sure that I can bear just sit back and relax while the aroma of the cooking stuffed my nose and I have paid for the course oh well yeahh... you understand right?


Another alternative will be going to ECP to cycle or rollerblade (sadly, I admit that I cannot cycle. Just like I don't speak Chinese--even worse) I know that S7J is also cycling, and the price is just nice, $10. I think right, even if you don't ride the bike, we can make this a memorable trip where we can learn more about YOUR classmates (yess, my classmates too!) and therefore strengthening the covalent bonds... oh wait.

I'm too preoccupied by the upcoming CHEM TEST ON THURSDAY ON ENERGETICS. haha. lame.

But well yeah. For me, GEM to ECP and learning how to ride a bike will surely be memorable, because it serves as our class outing too (: how'd you all like it?

The date is possibly the 1st June, or the date that we have set previously, right after the blocks. Or, on the Saturday after blocks. Let's vote.

Oh and I heard from other classes, they are doing billiard, $252 for the whole class, so we'll just have to pay $2 extra from the class fund. I know that my ideas are a bit too dull and not original... but then...

You have rejected Performing Arts (with the exception of some parties who want to dance :])
(uh yes, no more drama)but then... realistically speaking, it's a bit difficult to find a one-day dance course that is below $30. seriously.

As mentioned by someone, "money comes first for GEM, because in this case, we'll learn the most important thing anyway... being more bonded as a class" (:

So I hope that you all will drop me an SMS (I expect my inbox to be flooded by 1040PM tonight hahas) after you read this and tell me what you think.

Thanks 6E! Oh and btw, I'm considering to make a class relay system. (:

Loveeeeee (6E!)


PS: please go faster to the Math lecture so that we can discuss more about this thing okaayy!! <3

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