Sunday, May 31, 2009

Venues for exam

Hello peeeeeeps!

Here you go, a simplified and personalised 6E EXAM TIMETABLE ^^

I know that we're just beginning the holiday, but, well.

For your own benefitt in the later weeks of June hols HAHA.

Hmm... I hope it's clear enough for you to see. I dunno how to create a table or sth like that over here. So well yeah. Pardon my lack of IT-expertise. If you want an even personalised exam timetable like this, as in, it really shows only tests for your subject combi,do it yourselves lar. hahaha.

I'm not that zai hahaha.

Oh and btw, Zijing, Pocheng, Suesin, Huang Huang, Xiaoxi and Zhou Yang, if you read this, please quickly quickly AS SOON AS POSSIBLE tell me your preference for our GEM.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH (for daoing me so far ]:)

Oh and also, REMINDERR that JTS is this Tuesday! ^^

Please please come okay, NYDC at wheelock (it is, rightt?). This is another chance for us getting to know our seniors better, and (ahem) for some (ahem) ahh never mind. I shan't say it here. Somebody will TKD me. yeah.

Class bonding, class spirit, one 09S6E okayy?

Have fun during the holiday, peeeeeeps!
Oh, which reminds me that we all should do our PIP as well (physics).


PS: I love the eeeeeexperience with you all so far. [: I hope this will last for at least until we graduate. hahas. See you in term three! Jiayou eeveeryonee!

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