Friday, May 29, 2009

Urgent matter: on GEM

OMG Daren!! You're more than a bimbo, definitely.

But, that's not what I'm going to say in this entry.
You better be quick in REPLYING to and SPREADING the news this time.

Okay, a contact person from Ben and Jerry (yes, that Ben and Jerry ice cream shop) replied my email, in which she said that there's a WAFFLE MAKING SESSION for $20/pax.
I know that for pools/cue sports, we don't have to add a significant amount of money... however, isn't this what you all wanna do originally? Something related to icecream??

Hmm well, since I'm too efficient to summarise and rewrite everything that the contact person wrote in her email, I'll just copy it down here.

1. Waffle Cone Making Session: @ $20 per pax

- Scoop your own ice-cream
- Make your own waffle cone
- Topped it off with your favourite sprinkles
- Mini Brownies
- Mini Cookies
- Free flow of drinks

2. Ice-cream Burger Class: @ $30 per pax

- Scoop your own ice-cream
- Roll and bake your own cookies
- Decorate your cookies
- Mini Brownies
- Mini Cookies

- Free flow of drinks

With this, you may use the lounge at our Ben & Jerry's Cathay which come for our projector to organise your very own team bonding games or activities.

Isn't it interesting, guys? Okay okay, I'm not trying to tempt you or what, but well yeah. I love Ben and Jerry. and looking at the overwhelming response from some of our classmates regarding the Ben and Jerry ice-cream making sabbatical, I believe that most of you LOVEEEEEE it too.

So. please consider this option and the cue sport. And tell me the date on which you are available. And pass the message around!! I will hate you if you dao me and this super cool offer on doing Ben and Jerry. Drop me an email, tag, facebook comment, sms, call, write to me, anything you think is convenient to TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR GEM.

No word limit so don't worry.

Thanks, 6E.


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