Friday, May 29, 2009

End of Term 2

Hello. Today's a good (refers to picture below) day :) I felt the craving to write something "meaningful" here, and let Pau take a break from writing on this blog (although I know she wouldn't want to stop). So here goes...

Well, we went through a lot as a class - good and bad. From Mr Rem's farewell and Athena's Greenworks to POP and STJ. We tend to bypass these seemingly insignificant events and continue slogging our guts out (or maybe not) so as to cope with our busy lives...

But wait.

What's the point of going through these events without thinking of their significance? Today marked the end of term 2 and also the end of Mdm Lau's lessons. I believe that she's an outstanding teacher, who has been working equally hard, or even harder than us, so as to achieve her goals: make us interested in Chemistry. Whether her goals were achieved, is up to us to decide. We will miss Mdm Lau, won't we?

But wait.

Take a step back and view all these in a different perspective. We have actually less than two terms left before the year comes to a close. What do we want to achieve? What do we aim for after one gruelling year? Personally, I would want to know more of everyone in 6E. I would want to learn more about myself throughout this year - how I learn the best, what's my optimum working style, and how I can improve as a person.

But wait.

Bring our busy life to a hiatus.
Think. Reflect. Ponder.
What should we achieve as a class?

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