Sunday, May 17, 2009

On CSM, On Wenesday, On Math LT.

Helloo 6E!

Okay, so you should all know already that we'll be having CSM--Combined Sports Meet--on this coming Wednesday, so yeah. No lessons.

Aww, it's just too bad that we're having it on Wed because most people end at 1230.

Well, even though there are no competitors from our class, but we should cheer for other ATHENIANS who are running/jumping/throwing javelin/simply participating in the comps.

SO, as a faculty, let's show 'em our support by CHEERING yaayy!

Okay, so here's the plan:
--Bring something noisy (yes, Zijing can bring only himself haha. kidding) as in, like empty bottles that you can fill in with sand so that it makes a lot of noises for cheering or your test tubes. The clinks and clings and CRACKs will surely deafen your ears ^^

--Drink plenty of water prior to the CSM, because you'll be killing your throat. Yes, seriously.
I'll make sure that we're so heated up due to the cheers and yells.

--Or, if you feel shy or sth like that, yeahh you can bring a lot of noisy stuff to hype up the atmosphere (:

Okay. That's the CSM plan. I see the high school tribune has been sheltered with tents, so we all shall not worry too much about the heat and the steaming sun. Yet, I think it's still necessary to bring your water bottle, although we'll perhaps buy like, Sprite or POKKA greentea to quench our thirst, if you all want larh. (class fund)
About the attire, not so suree. Most probably facshirt or PE tshirt lor. Better not wear school U larh. Unless you want to stink and sweat super badly by the end of the event. >.<

Okk?? Wishing you all a great week ahead (:


and our math lecture venue is in LT3, near the AV room, just like last time. (:

I just hope that I don't screw up again and get myself another U :(

Lots of love,


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