Thursday, May 7, 2009

but she don't know what she got, till it's gone

hola amigas

okay, I had almost uploaded here some notes about the eom, had the internet not been so sucky (or the pc in the lab) at school.
Sigh. lamentation numero uno.

So, well yeah. Gotta wait until like, tuesday? before I can write the notes here. Because I keep the copy of the notes at comlab. :)

Okay then.

Remember that we'll have CHEM LECTURE during CT period tomorrow, to replace Wednesday's schedule. And as for Li Lin and Zhou Yang, I suppose you two going for some talk on Nutrition whatsoever at audi, issit? Not very sure.

And, yeah. Math quiz. It's funny how we 'passed' the assignment today, by keeping silence when Mr Tan just went through Tut4B. hehe. That, is the class spirit that I love so much. :D:D


Okay larh, little chance that he'll forget tomorrow, as in, well, I guess he was mistaken last week when announcing the day. Okay, shall go mug now. ^^
(I'm a mugger whatt!)

Oh and, bring your chem testpaper and all-sorts of tutorials as told by Madam Lau.
PW is in Audi, yes, a lecture. And for ELLices and CSCer, what time do you all wanna eat?
(HEHEHEHEHE. Meanie Beanie in action) sorry larh! (:


PS: CONGRATS for Daren/Dora for the GOLD award at SYF today!!
You've made us so proud (:
OHH and yarrr! Heng Yang! Hahaha, yeah, I read hcunite alr. Your name is mentioned several times. We're proud of you too lehh!! Yaayy!

here's the link to the softball match report. Whereas for hcband syf, an exhaustive report is yet to be written. Maybe daren can write something here first. hahaha.

And of course, my BB partner Lizzie Ang Liseah for the 4-1 win against TPJC today. yay!
Ahaha, now that I sound like a cca pro or sth.
Aiyah! Gotta go back mugging.

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