Wednesday, April 22, 2009

pose, post and stop.

whoa... it seems that the inter-ct blogging buzz has ended. hahahaha

And it seems, that we're now spurring on for PW, lecture tests (which are coming to us in a zap like they're cannonballs. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee), tutorials, tutorials and (for some) PFT 2.4km.

(Like, me)

Uhh.... actually this is my desperate attempt to revive our blog's hey-day (uhh, like we have one? haha), besides to escape from ELL for a moment. duhh.

But anyway. it's okay lah, because last time I wander around other classes' blogs and theirs are quieter than ours, well, hehe. Unless my sense of quietness has got some errors/uncertainties.

I think...

the upcoming weeks will be quite tough for us, as in, like, yeah... you know, with the replacement of CT and Physics tutor... I guess we'll need another period of adaptation or sth like that with our new teachers... Sigh.

I guess this is another warning for US all that we must take GOOD CARE of our health because, umm, you see what happens if you fall ill? Yeah, you may bring about sadness/disappoinment/mixed feelings/butterflyinstomach/anger/ormaybetherearesomepeoplewhoareglad(?Idunno) to some other parties. Umm... it's not that I blame the ailing teacher, I hope that he (or she?) gets well soon, even though it won't bring Mr Rem back. which is so sad.

But well, yeah.

Just take care, okay?

Especially during thezze hectic period, when we're all having a heckgreathound of tests/homework/whatsoever, besides commitments to CCA/whatsoever and PFT (for some, like me... >.<)

Oh, and as for the huang cheng people, I wish you all ALL THE BEST for the production. I know that you all must be exhausted and all that, that's why I urge you to TAKE A GOOD CARE ON YOUR HEALTH--physically and MENTALLY. If you need to consult a psychiatrist, you know where to find me. HAHAHAHA.

jk. hahaa.

huhhh should go back muggingg.

pau. (OMG, I just realise that the way I signed, it's actually literally really my name. As in, my chinese name lehh. hahahha. nvm, lameness of the world)


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