Thursday, April 9, 2009

fillings// feelings.

Do you all know the soundtrack of Anna and the King?
That one, yeahh... "how can I not love you?"

That part is really really really what I'm feeling towards you all.
I'm super grateful to have you all as my classmates (:(:

I mean it's like, I dunno... you all are just fabulous and great and awezzomee.
Simply, 09S6E roxxx.

Keep high and fabittyfabulous. I know that I barely drop by the classblog. Uhh,,, I even abandon my own... teehee.


a thousand time of sailor moon and hello kitty for you all. haha

PS: And let us all be nicer to those people who intend to do nice things to us ;) teehee
let's not screw our pronunciation for OP later on, heehee.
One of my friends actually got tangled up after playing with v and w. and now she's panicking about that. heehee.

Signed with love. no pun intended.

hope you all get enough rest blabla. Coz next week's gonna be hectic. duh

And btw, don't forget atomic structure on monday.

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