Wednesday, April 29, 2009

physics fun

Hey 6E~~~

This is a good way to make the class blog boring, but anyway:

1. Remember to complete physics tutorial for tomorrow! Topic: forces :D I think we've finished dynamics, yeah. (If you've finished that, then go on to work, energy, power so that you don't have to do it next week...) 

2. Finish today's practical (Experiment 8, cooling of water, best fit/good fit). You can hand it in tomorrow but latest by monday morning at the giant steps. Before school starts, before assembly, before the band plays the school song. So remember to bring along you worksheet if you leave your bag at the class bench:) Really sorry, but I don't know how else to do this since I have chinese test during pt and will be heading off for comps at 11, which is when my break ends but most of you have lessons. So monday morning is the latest time I can collect practical. 

Anyway, thanks for your co-op. 


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