Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The eyes and the pitiful camera.

Yooo 09S6E!
Okay, so where are we at now??

Oh yeah! JTS's coming!

Oh well, really I thought we'd have it like, next year? hehehee hehehee. I think the seniors will come to diss me off after this. I really really hope that we all can make it and have a nice S6E gathering (:

Greenworks is coming upp!! Yaaye! It's too bad that we haven't had our class Tshirt that we could wear for that day, coz you know, it would be very cool if we come together in indentical apparels or sth like that teehee.

*actually, this is a *subtle* reminder for whoever has got THAT artistic soul to design our class tee.* heehee.

Nomination for fac dogs. Eh, don't call me mean or what. It's not I said one. Go and ask Xinyun/Daren for further details ahahaha.

--This is what we're doing during our 3hour break on Fridays--

Okay, for the picture on the left, we took it during Physics, last tutorial with Mr Rem :'(

Perhaps we should make, like a wishlist this Christmas, asking Santa to bring back Mr. Rem to our class or sth like that. Oh, but do remember that Santa will only grant the wishes of those commendably guai people. Hahaha. (yes, I'm refering to myself. Haha. I mean, as the good people yeah.)


PS: Xinyun, where's the "comparison" photo?

Here are the eyes of a Barbiedoll.

This is for calling me sux. hahaha


But I do honestly think that she is cute (:

should try to get Sianglin's eyes sometimes later! :D

(oops shouldn't be spilling out the beans. duh)

Fac Ahma. Guess who's on the left.

Fac Princess of 6E
Ahh Luo Hui!! Why did you delete your eyes' photo! Cheat my feelings!! >.<

Ahhh... I should try to sabo her sometimes later! hahaha We'll be having another 3-hr break on Thursday (:

Fac Pussycat Doll hehehehehe

Why! I like PCD and their Doll Domination, otherwise why would I be singing "I hate this part right here" like, almost everyday at the beginning of the year? duhh.

though, I look like some super oriental PCD, umm yeah. aww.
But I am Chinese, afterall. haha. never mind.
Sigh. At the end of the post, I can only say, my poor camera.
Pauline. <3>
PS: let's hype things up again for our class blog people! yaay. ahaha don't forget to bring ODT.

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