Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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i know that everyone has super a lot of commitments but lets find sometime to get together k?

please tag or comment where you suggest to go for the class outing. thx.

anyway i think its impossible to find a day where every single one can make it but i think if you guys dont place class outing as the last on your commitments list, i am sure we can find a day where at least 10?? can make it. :)

i have already given up on the cls outing this march holidays cause i am as packed as everyone else---i understand ppl! D:

anyway my friend say the indian movie slumdog millionare ( i think its this name ) is nice. anyone interested? hes just not that into you is not very nice btw.

remember to do GP hw. jiayou everyone.

in case you are emo/stressed/suicidal over homework or anything else right now, go watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfhPFWloYIw

its damn funny, but i am sure some of you watched it b4. :) i watched it more than 5 times already. haha.

remember to tag ok? thanks!

- Luo Hui (L)

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