Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Class Outing !!

Hey 6E :D

First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (although I know all of us don't like this march hol cos it is filled with hw and all other stuffs =.=)

HAHA anyway, since everyone has different commitments on different days, it is basically VERY DIFFICULT for us to have class outing.

SOOOO... may I know if all of you are free after founder's day cip (25th march)?? we can go out tgt as a class on that day alright :DDD

pls pls pls try your best to come ok! ^___^ (as this may be our first and last class outing! haha since school is getting more and more busy D: haha)

yupp.. we will discuss more about it when school reopen yeah! :DD
seeyou guys! miss all of you! ^^

Ming Yue <3

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