Sunday, May 3, 2009

Class outing

Heyy 6E!

You know for our class outing, do you all want to go for a movie screening by ELDDFS this Friday? It will be held at central plaza. The movie is a Japanese movie titled Departure. FYI, it won the Academy Award (Oscar) for the Foreign Language category.
Well, maybe you're interested hehehe.

It's basically about someone who takes pride in his work even though the society may have a negative view about it. The profession that I'm refering to is like, the solicitor, you know.
Those dealing with deaths and burial process and sth like that.

It's on this coming Friday at 730 and admission is free.
We can all dress up as like, shinigami (angel of death) or yar... as long as it's gothic and black and surreal and deathly. There will be an award for the best dressed or sth like that, yeah.


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