Sunday, April 5, 2009

Support PC,Pauline,Li seah,WenJing!

Dear 6E,

It has been almost 2 months since 6E formed, and finally,we became the least-hyper class of 09 batch in HCI!! Well done guys! Thank all for the hardwork we all have put in.(Screamed the softest during the council election, stayed cool for the entire week,etc) Without our contributions, this cant be possible. Congratulations.

I know that every week there are many assignments which drained most of our energy and spirit. However, i believe that 6E people can be HIGH AND CRAZY AGAIN,just like the time during orientation. (heck care abt someone from some senior class who told u that we weren't high at all. That is BS. Seriously, i think we were so high that as if we ate ectasy).

Let's be HIGH and CRAZY (HC) again! Most of all, LETS SUPPORT OUR FRIENDS in the council election. They have been puting in so much effort, they deserve our claps, our cheers, and our support! Look at the other athena classes, when they screamed their lungs out for their classmates, why cant we scream our heart,lung,kidney,stomach,whatever out for PO CHENG!PAULINE! LI SEAH! wenjing!.(purposely one)

Guys, Lets joke more, laugh more (even at ming yue's cold jokes, its actually cold until very funny. lmao) ,scream more, keesiao more, guai lan more. I am sure that we all want a HYPER class, instead of a dead class right!

With anger,

Zi jing.

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