Saturday, March 7, 2009

Inter-class blogging competiton!

Heys ppl!

Ok there's thing inter-class blogging competion for the IT-month 2009. Basically we have to blog about the theme "RESHAPING TEACHING AND LEARNING @ HWA CHONG: WE ARE THE FUTURE!". The judging criteria is based on how our CT envisioned the theme through the content of our posts (50%), our participation (30%) and aesthetic appeal (20%). The competition ends on 10 April, and there will be judging of the blog in phases before and after the closing date. So what we have to do is to post about the theme! All ideas are welcome but please do not use any negative remarks or vulgarities! We also need to add as many ppl as possible by adding classmates, teachers and seniors and getting them to blog along! So do participate actively and make our blog as interesting as possible! :D

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  1. Eh, Daren Daren, how do you post a blog using your account here?? haha
    btw, this is pau. but surely you know already, from my msn.