Friday, March 13, 2009


Dear Sexies of 6E,

It's HOLIDAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday means : Outing / Mugging / Outing.

Firstly, congratulations to MENG SHU!!!! WANG XIAO!!! WAN NGEE!!! for running at 3.0 x 10 to the power of 8 m/s. WE ARE DAMN PROUD(maybe some jealousy?) OF U ALL OK!? Thanks alot for contributing enthusiastically.(btw da jie, the poem of urs can i write sometime later? haha)

Secondly, the "After-Xcountry Dinner Party" is partially successful, thanks to the great contribution on sharing of life-stories(basically gossip) and enthusiastic participation of MING YUE and LUO HUI! (actually only 3 of us went for the dinner party at Junction8 Subway =.=)
Anyway, we had so much fun(and gossip), and messed around with some Selffar students.haha.

Thirdly, the "After-school Gossip Session" voting is over. Thanks for all the support and participation in voting. So as 6E is a democratic class, we shall follow the voting result. Hence, the "After-school Interact(sounds nicer than gossip) Session" will be on WEDNESDAY after school reopens. So Geo ppl and CLL ppl (and other combi ppl) , basically everyone will get the chance to interact more with each other and hopefully, the bond between each and everyone in 6E will so sibei strong. ^_^

1. CHEM REMEMDIAL will be on MONDAY 8am-10am.
2. GP REMEDIAL will be after chem remedial at 10am-12pm.

So make sure you attend the remedials(in half uniform) and there will be a CLASS LUNCH after that, so prepare your stomach and money.(we may even catch a movie after lunch,^_^) For details of outing, we will discuss about it after remedials.

Lastly, Please Check out our Class Blog regularly (like 2-5 times per day?) anyway, post whatever you think its important here (For example, SMB annoucements, Outing suggestions, Event dates, etc) Since we are not going to see each other very often this week, (except for outing) , we shall be active in the BLOG! tagbox is always a good platform for gossiping. So have fun during holiday and finish all your homeworks, most importantly DON'T FORGET ABOUT 6E!!


Zi jing.

P.s: Homeworks/Outing details will be post on the blog ASAP (i also not very sure yet)

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