Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Yourself a BLOGGER & FACEBOOK account

Hello y'all!!

8th person posting :D

Eh, please get yourselves a Blogger account leh.
Don't keep using the admin (09S6Exclusive)'s account or else it'll be very confusing.

And get yourselves a Facebook group and add everyone!
Be the first class to have everyone having a Facebook account :D
And then join our Facebook group! :D

And I just realised Mengshu = Dreambook.
HAHAHA~ How lame~

And please thank XINYUN for painstakingly creating a class blog!

Cya~ (Blogging @ JX Library @ 10.03a.m, while having a break :P)


    I honestly dunno how to post here. I mean, to create a post without having to sign in hahaha.
    I've got an abandoned blogspot account that I really do not want to reviveeeee!!!
    Can I post as a livejournal user? hahahahaahahaha

  2. Whops forgot to tell. It's pau.
    loaf---->bread---->pau + line.